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We decided - how great it would be to have a place where hunter and fishermen could go and hang out while purchasing the latest in equipment and clothing.


Top of the line fishing products can be found at Southern Outdoorsman, NC

Fly Fishing

Need Fly Fishing gear? No need to go anywhere else but Southern Outdoorsman, NC - Located in Fayetteville, NC

Hunting Supplies

Southern Outdoorsman has everything a Hunter in NC needs to get the game they want.

Fly Fishing Supplies

If you're tired of making your own Fly Fishing flies, hooks, etc. Come in and see Southern Outdoorsman today!!

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Where the Season Never Really Ends
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About Us


Who doesn't LOVE a great fishing story or hunting story -- all about the one that got away!!

Southern Outdoorsman is owned by Joey Short and run by Joey and Tom Morketter.  Both Joey and Tom are local outdoorsmen who have been involved in the areas hunting and fishing scene for most of their lives.

Living in the area for so long -- both men have formed wonderful relationships with many generations of local outdoorsmen and women.  From a very early age, Joey has been in love with all aspects of hunting and fishing.  Joey learned to hone is outdoor skills on the family farm.  With every passing year -- Joey shares his love for the outdoors with more and more people and is considered a very respected outdoorsman.

Tom Morketter has spent almost 35 years on the business side of outdoor sports through a wide array of positions such as: retail sales, retail management and ownership plus 10 years as an outside sales rep traveling the Southeast for manufactures like Weatherby and Glock firearms.

Tom and Joey both have a love and passion for the outdoors, and both are looking forward to sharing their passion with you!


Southern Outdoorsman's Mission:

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality gear and knowledge for their next hunting or fishing trip.  We pride ourselves in making sure you are fully prepared and can get the most enjoyment out of your hunting and fishing outings.


Southern Outdoorsman -- Where the Season Never Really Ends!!



Southern Outdoorsman:


personel bio picJoey Short:  (Owner)  A great hunter from way back when...

personel bio picTom Morketter: (Manager) A great right-hand man who's always there when you need someone.

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Southern Outdoorsman, NC is your shop for hunting, fishing and fly fishing supplies

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